Dog off leash in Alamo Square Park

Alamo Square


    Dog in Alamo Square Park

The San Francisco Bay Area is a wonderful place to own a dog. With its temperate climate and an abundance of green spaces scattered throughout the city and surrounding communities, dog owners can take their furry companions out and about without much hassle. The dog parks listed here are organized by region so you can find the ones nearest to you.

San Francisco Dog Parks

San Francisco's abundance of parks help make this city a very dog-friendly place to live and visit. Its parks commission has designated certain parks and portions of parks as off-leash parks, where dogs can run free. The following are a sampling of some of the best parks to take your dog.

Bernal Heights Hill

Bernal Heights Hill

Bernal Heights Hill


    Bernal Heights Hill

    Flickr Used by permission of Sarah Fortman / Nurse Kitty Qat on Flickr Bernal Heights Hill

    Used by permission of Sarah Fortman / Nurse Kitty Qat on Flickr

Bernal Heights Hill is located on top of Bernal Hill at the end of Folsom Street.

With sweeping views of the city, no leash requirements and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from visitors, Bernal Heights Hill is a dog-lover's paradise. It spans 26 acres in the heart of the Bernal Heights neighborhood, so you can grab a bite and let Fido run wild in this sunny section of the city.

Alamo Square

Alamo Square is located at Hayes Street and SteinerStreet.

The famous Painted Ladies Victorian homes provide a scenic backdrop to this park, where residents enjoy taking their dogs off leash in the half of the park where it is allowed. Locals give this park 4.5 out of 5 stars and say the park feels safe for dogs, and most owners do a good job cleaning up after their pet. Plus there are a lot of relatively clean benches where you can sit and watch tour buses go by while your dog chases a new friend. The park spans about six acres.

Fort Funston

Fort Funston is located off Highway 35 at Ft. Funston Road.

If your dog loves the beach, this is the place for you. At the south end of the city, Fort Funston offers trails, a beach, and the ocean for you and your dog to explore. As part of the National Parks system, Fort Funston is well maintained and well used. Dogs can run off leash, and reviewers give this park 5 out of 5 stars and say visitors do well cleaning up after their pets.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is situated by Ocean Beach and is bordered by Fulton Street and Lincoln Way.

The biggest park in the city, Golden Gate Park is more than 35 acres of trails, sprawling lawns, gardens, playgrounds and fields. Golden Gate has four dedicated dog run areas, and the park receives 3 out of 5 stars from visitors. Dogs are allowed throughout the park, but the dog run areas are leash free and easily accessible since they are on the outskirts of the park, near parking.

East Bay

From Berkeley and Oakland all the way to Walnut Creek and Livermore, the East Bay is bursting with dog parks. This densely populated region lays just across the Bay from San Francisco, and it's home to dozens of great places to take your pooch, and maybe meet other dog owners as well. Here are a few, organized alphabetically by city.


Alameda Small Dog Park

Alameda Small Dog Park


    Alameda Small Dog Park

    Flickr Used by permission of Lisa Mosely / BarkingCat5000 on Flickr Alameda Small Dog Park

    Used by permission of Lisa Mosely / BarkingCat5000 on Flickr

Alameda Small Dog Park

Alameda Small Dog Park is located at 8th Street and Portola on lower Washington Park.

This park is for dogs that are 30 pounds and smaller, and visitors give this park a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Dog owners can sit in chairs or in the grass while their pooches run around. The park has running water and is adjacent to Sunny's Dog Park that is open to larger dogs.

Sunny's Dog Park

Sunny's Dog Park is located at Westline Drive and Otis Drive, just down the road from the small dog park.

This is where the big dogs go to play. Sunny's Dog Park is big, and visitor reviews about it give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. They say it's a great place for dogs to run around and chase squirrels and birds and socialize with other dogs. There are also plenty of picnic tables and chairs where dog owners can relax while their pups play.


Buchanan Dog Beach

Buchanan Dog Beach is located at 24 Buchanan Street Extension.

Locals give this park 4 out of 5 stars and call this spot a "hidden gem" that's often not too crowded. Right on the Bay, this off-leash beach is great for a hot summer day. Take in views of San Francisco across the Bay, and let your dog splash around in the water.

Cesar Chavez Park

Cesar Chavez Park is located at 11 Spinnaker Way.-

Within this 90-acre park, there is a designated off-leash area where dogs can run free. This park receives 4.5 out of 5 stars from visitor reviews, and the basic consensus is that it's a versatile park where a kid can fly a kite, a hiker can explore the trails and a dog can run for miles. Some also liked the park's paved trail as an alternative to the muddier parks.


Hap Magee Ranch Park is located at 1025 La Gonda Way.

Within this great park lies an equally great fenced-in dog park called the Canine Corrall, and visitor rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Situated on 1.5 acres. dogs can run leash free in one of two areas separated by dog size. There is also a regular group that meets with their dogs on Friday evenings. The bad news is this park closes for the winter.


Robertson Park is located at 3200 Robertson Park Rd.

Visitors rave about Robertson Park and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewers say there is so much to do and there's a lot of space for the dogs to roam. Dogs are permitted off leash during regular park hours, except during park events. This is a large, popular park with many activities. There's a rodeo arena, softball fields, hiking and biking trails and even equestrian trails. A creek runs through the park, and there are plenty of doggie waste bags available.


Point Isabel is located at 2701 Isabel St.

Heralded as one of the largest dog parks in the nation and rating 4.5 out of 5 stars from visitors, Point Isabel is a 23-acre leash-free zone, although owners must carry a leash with them. With gorgeous views of the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin County, Point Isabel is a destination dog park. Pups can freshen up at the local dog wash, Mudpuppy's Tub & Scrub while you grab an espresso and pastry at the café next door.

Walnut Creek

Heather Farm Dog Park is located at 505 N. San Carlos Dr.

With a small dog and a large dog area, there's plenty of room for you and your dog to socialize at this one-acre off-leash park. The park is well equipped, and visitors rate this park at 3.5 out of 5 stars and report there are a lot of doggie waste bags available, trash cans, benches and water available for you and your dog.


South of San Francisco, the communities in the Peninsula love their parks-and their dogs. Here are a few choice options to explore:

Half Moon Bay

Dogs at Half Moon Bay Dog Park

Half Moon Bay Dog Park


    Dogs at Half Moon Bay Dog Park

    Photo taken by Judy Gardner Used by permission of Judy Gardner of Judy Gardner Photography Dogs at Half Moon Bay Dog Park

    Used by permission of Judy Gardner of Judy Gardner Photography

Half Moon Bay Dog Park is located at 400 Wavecrest Rd.

On the Pacific side of the Peninsula, Half Moon Bay Dog Park is one to check out if you're not already a regular. Visitors give this park 4.5 out of 5 stars for being well maintained and cared for by the community. The park has a lot of toys on site, as well as water buckets and a pooper scooper in case you forget to bring your own baggies. It's a large, fenced-in area where dogs of all shapes and sizes can socialize and run. dog owners can chat and relax at the picnic tables provided.

San Mateo

Seal Point Dog Park is located at 1801 E. 3rd Ave.

This three-acre park close to downtown San Mateo has a variety of landscapes, from dirt and gravel to grass and sand. Visitors give the park 4 out of 5 stars and say they love taking their dogs to this park because it is large enough for them to get a lot of exercise, and that the dogs and owners are very friendly. Shaded areas provide relief on hot days, and there's a hosing off station to clean up on your way out. The park even features a fire hydrant for your dog to "explore."

South San Francisco

Centennial Way Dog Park is located at 35 W Orange Ave.

Visitor reviews for this dog park give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. The general opinion is that there is good parking, plenty of doggie bags, nice dogs, and nice people. The park has two fenced off areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. While you're there, strap the leash on the pooch and take a hike on the park's two-mile paved path that offers sweeping views and a little nature admiration.

North Bay

Marin County, known for its great hiking spots and the towering Mt. Tamalpais, has plenty of great dog parks to choose throughout the area. Here are a few of the highlights:

San Anselmo

Red Hill Dog Park is located at 100 Shaw Dr.

This is a one-acre, completely fenced-in dog park located on former school grounds. There are benches to sit on and water to drink, as well as doggie bags and trash cans all around to make it easy to clean up after your pet. Visitors give this park 4.0 out of 5 stars, but some have commented that the park tends to get muddy after a rain, and there are a lot of foxtails that your dog can pick up. Beyond that, reviewers say the park is generally full of nice dogs and nice owners.

San Rafael

Field of Dogs is located at 794 Civic Center Dr.

This volunteer-run and funded park has two enclosures for dogs, one big and one small. This is a well-loved dog park by locals, and reviewers give the park 3.0 out of 5 stars. However, visitors say that it can get muddy after a rain, but there's plenty of room for dogs to run and socialize. It's right next to the Civic Center, so if the dog park is too crowded or you want to go for a walk, just leash your dog and roam around the grounds.


Sausalito Dog Park is located at 100 Ebbtide Ave.

Leave it to Sausalitans; not only do they have their own awesome dog park that rates 4.5 out of 5 stars, they also have a newsletter and website just for that park. Also known as Remington Park, there are plenty of community toys for the dogs to play with, benches for peoples to sit on, and water for everyone to drink. The ground is covered with bark, although the park does get some grass in the winter and spring. This is a fenced-in, leash-free place for the dogs to run and for people to chat and hang out.

A Place for Dogs

The multitude of parks designated just for dogs is another sign of how dog-friendly the Bay Area is. No matter where you live or where you visit, you'll find a great park nearby where you can turn your pooch loose so he can socialize. Just be sure to read the rules of each dog park carefully, and always remember to be courteous and pick up after your pet so the park is just as nice for other visitors.