Ashes Scattering in San Francisco

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The Pacific is popular for scattering.

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Cremated ashes scattering in San Francisco provides a unique send-off for that final arc in a loved one's circle of life. San Francisco and Northern California present a variety of landscapes to create a farewell memorial with dignity, grace, and restful peace. Fly over the City one last time and spread the ashes at the gateway to the Pacific, take a boat with family and friends beyond the Golden Gate and sprinkle the cremated dust over the stern and toss a flower wreath in remembrance. Releasing a person's ash remains out at sea continues to grow in popularity for its serenity-invoking experience, and with the cost of traditional burials increasing an economic advantage.

Scattering Options

In and around San Francisco there are several companies that offer either flight services or boat services providing legal ashes scattering.

  • Air Services

Air charters usually provide unattended memorial flights over the San Francisco Bay or over the Pacific Ocean or other destinations. They can also provide releases over land but permission is required from the property owner or governing agency. All air charter services should be licensed and familiar with the California regulations for both land and sea. The best recommendation is to consult with the service regarding your desires, state regulations, and proper documentation. Unattended air scatterings are great options for people out of the area or unable to attend.

  • Sea Services

Boat services are more prevalent for ashes scatterings in San Francisco and the area. Many boat charters provide special scattering services in addition to their whale watching, fishing, and sightseeing services. Also offering unattended memorial services, most boat services welcome parties of various sizes to witness the parting ceremony.

Scattering Regulations

California, Federal, and International regulations govern the where and how ashes can be dispersed. First thing to understand, at sea, there are three methods for burial that are considered. Burial at sea is for the deceased's body to be cast into the sea. In this case the casketed remains must be sunk into blue water that is 600 feet deep and in international waters, at least 3 miles but up to 150 miles from the coast. If you are planning to drop the cremated ashes in an urn, the urn must be released at least 3 miles from the California coastline. The standard rule for spreading a person's ashes is 500 yards from shore. Also, it is not allowed to scatter ashes from shore nor into lakes or streams. It is recommended to consult with the charter service regarding the regulations. Ensure that the charter service is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard, complies with safety regulations, and if they hold a State of California Cremated Remains Disposer License. Many funeral service companies can also provide a list of reliable charter companies to use.

Popular Spots for Ashes Scattering in San Francisco

The following are some popular locations for releasing ashes in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas:

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