Asian Cooking Classes in the Bay Area

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Stir fry pan with orange beef

    Wok with orange beef. Image used under license from IstockPhoto

    Wok with orange beef. Image used under license from IstockPhoto

Are you looking for Asian cooking classes in the Bay Area? The Bay Area boasts both a large Asian community and a collection of some of the most passionate foodies in the world, so it stands to reason that finding a cooking class where you can learn to cook your favorite Asian dishes should surely be possible. Read on to learn where to find the best Asian cooking classes in the Bay Area.

Finding Asian Cooking Classes in the Bay Area

The umbrella of Asian food is clearly a large one. From Indian to Thai to Chinese to Japanese to Vietnamese to Cambodian and so on, one could work up quite an appetite trying to list their favorite types of Asian cuisine.

There are many different ways in which you can take a cooking class. If you can afford it, and like one-on-one instruction, you can find private cooking classes. Small group cooking classes are probably the most popular because they are both educational and fun. These kinds of classes are typically limited to ten to fifteen people, however, so make sure you enroll promptly if you see a class you like. Some schools even offer courses for corporate parties and team building retreats. The following classes are representative of the gamut of Asian food classes which are available:

  • The Wok Shop - Located in San Francisco's Chinatown, the Wok Shop holds a course at a master chef's home that also features a view of the beautiful San Francisco skyline. This one-day class covers hot pot cooking, wok cooking, clay pot cooking, and more. You will learn how to prepare steamed vegetable dumplings, garlic scallion shrimp, clay pot chicken and rice, and more.
  • Kasma Loha-unchit - These Thai cooking classes are held at a private residence in Oakland. You can enroll in a four-classes course or a week-long intensive course. Learn to cook delicious Thai food from an award winning chef and author in a relaxed, comfortable setting.
  • ITK Culinary - This cooking school located in lovely Sausilito has a schedule filled with great Asian cooking courses. From Asian Fusion to dim sum to Thai classics to Southeast Asian curries, you can really expand your cooking chops at ITK Culinary.
  • Curry Sutra - This San Mateo school specializes in Indian cooking education. They advertise cooking class parties, where a small group can come together, learn some dishes and techniques, and have fun.
  • The Cook Club - The Cook Club is an organization that puts together cooking parties for folks who love to cook and love to have a good time. Someone decides to host the party, and then a chef from The Cook Club shows up and helps you learn how to cook a four-course meal.

Give it a Try

Taking a cooking class can be a great way to learn new and tasty tricks in the kitchen and meet new and interesting people. Whether you're bored with your go-to dishes or are just starting to think about learning how to cook, there's no reason not to take a cooking class. Asian food is healthy and delicious, so it's a great cooking technique to learn more about. Sign up and be on your way to expanding your cooking vocabulary.