Carmel Nightlife

Evenings by the Sea

If you're headed to Carmel by the Sea, it's probably not for the nightlife. It's more likely for the wine or for the small town ambiance of the area. This doesn't mean you can't grab a couple friends and have some fun though. Just don't expect a crazy club scene.

Start with a Margarita

Head to Club Jalapeno on San Carlos Street for a stellar margarita. Grab a couple of tacos while you're there to start off your night.

Catch a Bit of the Game

If you'd like to see what's up with your favorite sports team, make a stop at Jack London's Bar and Grill at Dolores Street and 5th Avenue. Try some of the local brews as you cheer or boo.

Sample a Local Delicacy

There's no better place to try oysters than a city by the ocean. Flaherty's is where to go to get them, and to have a couple of glasses of wine.

Go Night Fishing

Just like the daytime life, Carmel nightlife revolves around the ocean. You're likely to spot a few night fisherman, and you can charter a boat and join in.

The Real Carmel Nightlife

There's no better way to finish your evening in Carmel than with a stroll by the ocean or a walk on the beach.

Looking for a town that's a bit wilder? Head two hours north to San Francisco.

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Carmel Nightlife