Health Center Services San Francisco


The health center services San Francisco offers are a genuine effort to meet the needs of their large and diverse population. The city has long prided itself on recognizing and providing assistance to its unique demographic, and continues to make improvements where necessary. Below are a few health center resources available to the general public, as well as what is changing to keep residents of the Bay healthy and happy, with no regard to their economic or racial status.

Department of Public Health

First and foremost, San Francisco's Department of Public Health has been providing medical care for individuals for quite some time. Like many other cities throughout the nation, the health center services San Francisco offers through the Department of Public Health include maternal and child healthcare, including prenatal care and the WIC nutrition program. They have hospitals located throughout the city, including San Francisco General Hospital. Their health care facilities, regardless of the level of emergency, will accept any patient and provides quality care without concerning themselves with that individual's ability to pay. This provides the city with a healthier demographic, and the people with resources they otherwise wouldn't have had.

San Francisco City Clinic

The San Francisco City Clinic is a local health service that diagnoses and treats sexual transmitted diseases. The health center services San Francisco city clinic offers have been available to the public since 1933. As the city's only sexually-transmitted disease (STD) clinic that doesn't demand proof of health insurance prior to treatment, they boast a multilingual staff (English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Tagalog and Mandarin), which fully equips them to improve the quality of life for anyone who walks through the door.

Their website encourages its readers to get regular STD tests, and also provides information of various disease risks and prevention tactics. They also feature an advice column by Dr. Klausner, who is the director of the clinic.

Health Center Services San Francisco Offers Students

Perhaps you are a temporary resident of San Francisco, likely attending one of their popular colleges. If you are looking for health center services in the area, check with your campus. San Francisco State University offers various clinic services to all students, and you can even fill medications on campus or receive a referral as to wear to pick up medicine. The school even provides study abroad medical evaluations, so you can be healthy and ready for any type of adventure you hope to take part in!

Other Unique Programs

The Native American Health Center is a unique alternative clinic serving a very special demographic. With disease prevention and medical services available, specialists are available in both San Francisco and Oakland. Call them to make an appointment or receive advice from a triage nurse. Unsure if you qualify for care? Visit their website for all the information you need.

University of California San Francisco's Children's Hospital also offers a wide variety of services for the city's littlest patients. This includes a Neonatal Intensive Care unit that cares for premature infants and ill newborns. They are also the pioneers that helped establish fetal surgeons in hospitals, where unborn babies are operated on to reverse dangerous health issues. Known for their extremely competent neonatal heart program, approximately 200 newborns with heart problems are given a new lease on life each and every year.

Finding Additional Resources

Even though San Francisco has minimal land mass, its population is very dense and for this reason, many health services and clinics are available throughout the city. No resident or visitor of the area should suffer in silence if they are dealing with a health or mental issue. There are resources available for those from all walks of life, and paying a visit to one of the above mentioned facilities may be just what an individual needs to get back on track.

Health Center Services San Francisco