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Holiday Caterers in San Francisco

Bay Area caterers can help you spread holiday cheer.

Holiday caterers in San Francisco can be a lifesaver for a person holding a large event. Caterers can provide food, drinks, servers and even linens while giving the host freedom to enjoy the party instead of spending the whole time in the kitchen.

While most holiday caterers do not only work during the holiday season - after all, they have to pay their bills year round - they can offer a special touch to make holiday parties seem a bit more magical.

Hiring Holiday Caterers in San Francisco

Since San Francisco is such a metropolitan city, the best holiday caterers can book up quickly. That means hosts should start planning for their holiday parties two or more months ahead of time. It's smart to interview at least three different catering companies in person and do the following:

  • Request pictures of previous events the company has catered
  • Check at least three references, preferably prior event hosts
  • Taste some of the food the caterer offers
  • Get a copy of the catering contract to see what is and isn't included for the price

It's also important to find out if the venue where the event will be held requires that you use a specific caterer and to ask if the caterer is willing and able to accommodate any special dietary requests.

List of Caterers

Some well known holiday caterers in San Francisco and nearby include:

  • Blue Heron Catering - This caterer focuses on both quality food and presentation. Their specialty is Pacific Rim cuisine, but a large variety of table service and buffet menus are available. It is the preferred caterer for Casa de La Vista on Treasure Island but will work with other venues.
  • Global Gourmet Catering - This caterer specializes in international cuisine and provides high end food presentation. They can also book entertainment, lighting, security, photography and flowers as part of an event package.
  • Maverick's Barbeque - The warm Bay Area winters make Maverick's a good choice for a casual holiday party. This caterer can serve up to 2,000 people at most any outdoor holiday party. Maverick's staff prepares smoked chicken, turkey and ribs onsite over a wood fire.
  • Plump Jack Catering - Plump Jack owns three restaurants in San Francisco as well as several wine shops. This city staple offers catering for small in-home events and for large holiday parties at an event venue. They can provide hors d'oeuvres and appetizers only, so they are good for cocktail events as well.
  • Avi's Fine Catering & Events - This caterer can provide both kosher and non-kosher menus to fit with guests' dietary needs. Online menu selection is available.
  • Back to Earth Organic Catering - This caterer specializes in organic foods and can easily accommodate a vegetarian or vegan holiday party. They try to use locally sourced ingredients from sustainable businesses, including organic farms.


Due to the sheer volume of caterers available in the San Francisco area, it can be tough to try to pick the perfect one for a particular holiday event. One of the best ways for people to know which one to go with is to ask the hosts at an event they particularly enjoyed who their caterer was. Another way to use the word of mouth system is for people to simply put the word out that they are looking for a caterer, either at events or just as an aside to friends. A caterer can have the most beautiful website or photos in the world and still have terrible food or service. Those two things will be the most important to the majority of holiday party guests.

Holiday Caterers in San Francisco