How Many Acres Is Golden Gate Park?

Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park
Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park.

Walking its grounds, one might wonder: "Just how many acres is Golden Gate Park?" While the short answer is "1,017," the longer answer takes you inside those thousand acres, inside an area once known as the "Outside Lands."

Golden Gate Park Size

"One thousand, one hundred and seventeen" and within those acres exist some of the city's finest attractions, such as the Japanese Tea Garden, the Conservatory of Flowers, and the California Academy of Sciences. Yet knowing how many acres is Golden Gate Park is only one of numerous bits of numerical trivia. Indeed, the park teems with history and interesting facts.

  • Park dimensions: Golden Gate Park's thousand-plus acres measure three miles long by half a mile wide. In all, it estimates nine blocks from east to west.
  • Visitors: According to, 75,000 people visit Golden Gate Park each weekend. In total, the park welcomes 13 million visitors a year.
  • Bison: The Bison Paddock often surprises newcomers to the park. Did you know -- the first bison were brought to the park in February 1891. The gentle creatures have been part of Golden Gate Park ever since.

Rich History

Golden Gate park has a rich and interesting history. Whether you live in the Bay Area or if you are planning a trip, you're sure to enjoy having an opportunity to visit the park and take in its many attractions.

How Many Acres Is Golden Gate Park?