Limousine Service in the Bay Area

A limo is a relaxing, convenient way to travel throughout the Bay Area.

Selecting the best limousine service in the Bay Area for your needs can be difficult if you don't know what questions to ask or which limo services to contact to get the best features and service.

Shopping Starts with Questions

Renting a limousine can be a fun experience or it could be very upsetting if you don't ask the right questions. Whether you need a limousine for a few hours or a full day, you should fully understand what you will be charged, what you will receive and you should be assured of the professional quality of the limousine service. Here are the key questions to ask:

  • Pricing
    • Can you rent for a flat rate or do you have to rent by the hour?
    • Are there discounts for weekday rentals?
    • Are there special discounts offered between the airport and a specific hotel?
    • If a plane is late, what is the cost for the limousine to wait?
  • Features
    • What make and model is the limousine? Low prices often mean they have old limos. Do they have exotic styles such as a Hummer or SUV limos?
    • What's in the limo? Does it have a TV, phone, bar or Champaign?
    • Does it meet any special needs you have such as child seats or handicap access?
    • Where would the limousine driver meet you? Will the driver assist you with your luggage?
    • Are pets allowed in the limousine?
  • Professionalism
    • Is the limousine driver's uniform formal or casual?
    • Can they provide proof of insurance?
    • What credit cards are accepted?
    • Does the limo service provide a booking confirmation?
    • Is there a policy for cancellations?

    Tips For a Successful Limo Rental Experience

    1. Shop for service not price - Most limos services have similar prices. Look for a service that treats you professionally on the phone and is willing and able to quickly answer all of your questions. Check if there are any complaints filed against the service to the Better Business Bureau.
    2. Rent what you need - Although the stretch limo might make you feel like a star, a sedan with a driver may be all you need.
    3. Rent as a group - Several couples can save by sharing a limo instead of renting separate limos. The limo driver can be instructed to make multiple pick-ups and drop-offs. This is a great tip if you are joining several couples for a night at the Opera or Symphony.
    4. Build your own tour - A limo is a great way to see the attractions in the Bay Area. Consider one of the limo tour companies if you are looking for a driver with a wealth of experience and knowledge about your destination. If you don't need a driver to play tour director, rent from a limousine service in the Bay Area and create your own tour. A limo is a great way to see the nearby attractions such as Carmel, the wine country and Muir Woods.
    5. Try a limo for airport service - The cost of a limo can often be less than a renting a car and paying for valet services and garage parking. Individual business travelers sharing the cost of a limo can save money as compared to the cost of individual taxi rides to and from the airport into downtown.

    Selecting a Limousine Service in the Bay Area

    Take advantage of the wide selection of limo services to choose from in the Bay Area. Some specialize in local rentals, some offer tours and some specialize in uniquely-designed limo exteriors and interiors:

  • Airport Commuter Limo & Sedan Service - This company has a large fleet of limos and corporate cars offering limo services between many Bay Area cities and all three San Francisco Bay Area airports. They also offer San Francisco City tours and Napa Valley wine tasting tours leaving from a variety of Bay Area cities.
  • LeGrande Affaire - This limo company offers special packages for sightseeing, shopping, dining, Napa Valley and Santa Clara Valley wine tasting, concert and opera specials, bar hopping, trips to Carmel and Reno/Lake Tahoe. They specialize in larger and specialty limos such as:
    • A Hummer H2 with hot pink exterior and pink and white leather interior
    • Fourteen-passenger Lincoln limos
    • Chrysler 300T limos with mirrored, marbleized bar tops
  • Elite Limousine - This limo company serves the greater Bay Area with limos and town cars. They operate within Bay Area cities, service all the airports and provide limos and town cars for Napa Valley & Sonoma County attractions including restaurants, wineries, spas and wine country tours.
  • SFO Limousine - This service provides limo and sedan transportation to and from Bay Area airports, theme parks, Tahoe and Reno trips, Napa Valley wine tasting as well as coastal trips to Carmel and Monterey.
Limousine Service in the Bay Area