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Napa Valley Luxury Lodging

Napa Valley Luxury Lodging

Napa Valley luxury lodging is a must if you're traveling to wine California's wine country. The Napa Valley is one of the most luxurious places in Central California, with some of the best food and wine in the state. Why not splurge and do the trip up right?

Stay on a Vineyard

While you can stay in a nice hotel, there are some vineyards that let you stay right on the property, letting you walk through the rows of vines and even help out with picking during harvest season. Waking up to a dewey property of grapes is the perfect start to your day!

Gorgeous Sites to See

An excellent reason to stay in the best examples of Napa Valley's luxury lodging is to enjoy the sites in style. Imagine sitting on the veranda, sipping the best wines of the region while nibbling on hors d' oeuvres. Talk about a perfectly relaxing setting!

Reasons to Stay at Vineyards

Perhaps the best reason to stay at a luxurious vineyard should be obvious - the wine! If you're staying in a place where they make wine, you'll get to sample a series of vintages from the same property. It will be an educational experience for your pallet.

A Little Color

While many of the luxury accommodations around Napa Valley are classically decorated in Italian style, you can find options with more personality if you look around. If your personal style is more funky and fancy-free, then keep an eye out for a hotel or vineyard that stands out.

Autumn in Napa Valley

Perhaps the most breathtaking time of year to stay in Napa is autumn. September though November are a great time to visit, since it's harvest time and the entire valley is decked out in fall colors. Be sure to look for the sparkling ribbons tied on to vines to keep birds from eating the grapes. Entire hillsides will shimmer in the sun!

Lovely Napa Valley

A favorite Bay Area attraction, there is no other place quite like Napa Valley. The colors and the open countryside invites you to stay much longer than a weekend, so consider spending the whole week so that you can unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

For more information about staying in wine country, is a great resource that will help you find the perfect luxury accommodations.

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Napa Valley Luxury Lodging