Port of Redwood City

San Francisco Bay is active with maritime activity.

The Port of Redwood City serves global shippers, as well as the local community found in this Bay Area region. As the only deepwater port in South San Francisco Bay, it provides opportunities and endeavors not found elsewhere.

About the Port of Redwood City

The Port was founded in 1851 when the Gold Rush was overwhelming Northern California with people hoping to make it rich and settle in a new region. With all the new families coming into the Bay Area, lumber was needed for the expansion of houses and shops. While finding trees appropriate for lumber use was no issue, the trouble was found in transporting them.

Soon a creek that was naturally routed through the Peninsula was discovered, and noted for its flow into the San Francisco Bay. The logging companies began to utilize this water transport system and moved the lumber down the hills and across the chilly waters. Eventually they made their way to San Francisco where they were used for the city expansion. The creek/bay transport system put Redwood City on the map for being the only deepwater channel in the area, allowing it to be renowned for its workable port and cost-cutting methods.

Every water vehicle from huge ships to modest sailboats have enjoyed use of the Port, and it has also been the site of various dedications such as the Navy Ships used in 1937 and the opening of a recreational marina in the 1960s.

The Port Today

The Port of Redwood City is still used today for transport and maritime shipping of all kinds. However, it also still holds strong as a tourist area for boating enthusiasts.

Waterfront Public Access

A relaxing way to spend the day with the family, the waterfront includes parks with picnic areas and also fishing off of the public pier. You can also launch personal boats from the waterfront area, for a minimal fee.

There are also various festivals and events open to the public throughout the year at the waterfront, including a boat parade at the opening of every boating season. They also host canoe races, sailing regattas and many other water-themed events.

Municipal Marina

Yachts and other luxury vessels can be accommodated at the marina, which provides water and electricity to all boats, as well as onshore amenities to its users. Permanent and overnight berthing is also available. If you own a yacht, check out the Sequoia Yacht Club to meet other enthusiasts who have ocean vessels docked in the area.

Other Reasons to Visit

The Port of Redwood City is now more of a tourist destination than it has ever been before:

  • The Bella Italian Seafood Restaurant, located within the Port, provides visitors with a fine dining experience with excellent views of the waterfront. Reservations are often recommended, and can be made by calling 650-568-0211. A romantic place to get a great meal and spend some time with the special person in your life, the restaurant gets especially popular around certain occasions such as Valentine's Day.
  • The Seaport Conference Center is another commercial endeavor available to the public. Perfect for company seminars and events, the conference center is full service and includes airport shuttles, cutting edge technology for presentations, and plenty of comfortable spots to meet, plan, and re-motivate your staff. Many will agree there is no place quite like the waterfront to recharge and refocus.

If you visit the Port and like what you see, you can sometimes plant your business endeavors right on the water. With office space often available, businesses often move to this gorgeous Bay Area locale for a change of scenery and a fresh start in a wonderful place. Many cease to regret the move, as leases are reasonably priced and the environment cannot be beat.

You can learn more about the Port by visiting their official website.

Port of Redwood City