San Francisco Barbecue Caterers

The Bay Area has many terrific caterers.

San Francisco barbecue caterers have been bringing charm and affordable dining options to the Bay Area for years. Whether you're planning a casual wedding menu or a way to feed a large company party, there is a local barbecue joint ready and waiting to provide you with quality food and service.

Why Barbecue?

When hearing the word "catering", many people think of posh and elaborate wedding receptions where guests enjoy prime rib and salmon. However, catering has evolved over the years to encompass all kinds of foods and price levels, and barbecue caterers are now part of that option list. In the Bay Area, where tourists visit famous landmarks and successful businesses are rooted, there is plenty of demand for an informal food choice for parties and conventions. San Francisco barbecue caterers provide a novel Bay Area feel while providing good eats for a happy crowd.

Finding San Francisco Barbecue Caterers

It's simple enough to conduct an Internet search or flip through the yellow pages to find a San Francisco-based caterer, however you'll be much more satisfied with your decision if you know a little bit about the caterer you select beyond their prices and availability. Most of us don't have the time to do extensive research on caterers, so to help you in your search, below you will find listed some of the best San Francisco barbecue caterers around.

The Ultimate Barbecue

The Ultimate Barbecue is a family owned catering company that is based in Santa Clara County, a short distance from San Francisco. Since 1973 they have delivered BBQ to the South, East and North Bay for decades, and continue to thrive. Their versatile menu goes beyond the typical burgers and hot dogs, as you can request steak, lobster, and their famous vegetarian Garden burger with a side of seasonal veggies.

Sorrento Catering

Based in San Francisco, Sorrento Catering can provide your party guests with barbecued ribs everyone will love. Group discounts are available, and ordering is made easy through their 24-hour catering hotline. Best of all, if you're in the Bay Area, you can sample some of their fantastic foods by visiting one of their San Francisco restaurants.

Micha's BBQ

Over in San Carlos, barbecue enthusiasts will love this restaurant's unique blend of southern flavor and traditional American barbecue. Their famous dish is a rack of ribs that is smoked for 12 hours and prepared each and every day. The Cajun soul is infused into their catering menu items and they will deliver all over the Bay Area.

Micha's restaurant is the place to go if you would like to taste test the ribs or other popular menu items, and you can enjoy live music during the dinner hour. They also take catering requests on fairly short notice, so if you need a lot of food without a lot of time, contact them to see what they can pull together.

What to Look For in a Caterer

A good San Francisco barbecue caterer will be able to easily go along with the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. You want to look for someone who will be efficient in filling your order and getting the job done right the first time around. Ask your potential caterer for some references if you are unfamiliar with them. Due to the large number of local technological corporations and the countless couples who have chosen the Bay Area as their wedding site, many San Francisco caterers are experienced with big and diverse groups and will have no issue meeting your requests.

San Francisco Barbecue Caterers