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San Francisco Corporate Caterers

The Bay Area has many excellent caterers.

The best San Francisco corporate caterers can meet a client's special needs and still provide the creative, delicious cuisine that guests expect, both in restaurants and at corporate events.

Finding the Right San Francisco Corporate Caterer

Selecting the perfect caterer for your event is important. There are several factors you should keep in mind.

Corporate Catering Is Unique

The size, location and planning of a corporate event often provides special challenges for a caterer. A caterer who receives five-star reviews on their accomplishments at private events may be unable, or unwilling, to provide their services in a corporate setting.

The challenges faced by a corporate caterer often include:

  • Setting - A corporate event could be held in a room in an office building or in a gathering space that has been reserved for a corporate event. The setting may not allow the amount of space required by some caterers for display, presentation and serving of the food and drinks.
  • Facilities - Corporate event locations may not have kitchen facilities. This would require special planning by the caterer so that all food is cooked before transport to the event.
  • Planning - The individual responsible for planning the corporate event may have very limited experience in event planning. The caterer might need to be very hands-on as an event planner, helping the corporate representative quickly learn the basics of event planning, menu selection and event management.
  • Budget - The budget established for the event may require the caterer to be very innovative in developing the best menus for the budget.

Selecting San Francisco Corporate Caterers

Many of the best Bay Area caterers are also excellent corporate caterers. To excel as corporate caterers they must present the same delicious food as they would prepare for a wedding with the same attention to service quality that is found by the corporate employee when they dine in one of San Francisco's top restaurants.Some of the San Francisco corporate caterers listed below have been in business for many years while others have only recently come onto the catering scene. All have established their credentials as full-service organizations who can provide excellent cuisine along with hands-on event planning, manage off-site preparation and provide exceptional service in facilities which may not be the best set up for serving food and drinks.

When selecting a caterer it is always an excellent idea to check their references, try their food and ask lots of questions. These three steps will help you select a caterer who can provide whatever you need in the way of planning assistance as well as present the food and service quality that you want at your event.

There are many caterers in San Francisco who have track histories of providing superb food, drink and service to their corporate clients. Here is a small selection.

(415) 898-0163
This full-service catering company specializes in California-style cuisine using free-range chicken, organic produce and homemade breads and crackers.

(415) 641-8599
This catering company produces delicious, beautiful, creative food using fresh, organic ingredients for small and very large events. They provide lots of personal attention during planning as well as during the function.

(415) 552-8550
Founded in 1981, this premier full-service catering company is known for its European high style, one-of-a kind events, excellent service and high quality food and drink.

(415) 563-1292
This very creative team is well known for their unique and delicious food. Their organic food, creative presentations and green environmental policies makes them a one-of-a-kind experience for both small and large events.

(415) 550-6464
This full-service catering company has been providing excellent food and service to private and corporate clients for over 30 years. They pride themselves on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, including organic foods from local growers.

(415) 552-1000
As an award-winning caterer, Work of Art is well known for their ability to integrate food design and presentation. They have been providing culinary innovation and high quality service in San Francisco since 1991.

Event Planning: A Management Challenge

Don't be afraid to ask your caterer for help if you need to plan a corporate event and you don't have any experience in event planning. Like any other project, an event requires a lot of preparation, decision-making, budgeting and time management. An experienced caterer can be very helpful in guiding you towards menus, room set-up and event planning tactics. They want the event to succeed as much as you do. Remember, they are not only working to create the perfect event for your corporation; they also want to impress the guests who might become clients in the future.

San Francisco Corporate Caterers