Focus on the trombone in a San Francisco Swing Band

If you are looking for swing bands in San Francisco, you're in luck! San Francisco has a thriving music scene, and swing is just one of the many genres you can find in the Bay Area. Whether you're hoping to book a band for a birthday, wedding, corporate party or any other event that needs a great musical element, you're in a city full of talented musicians!

Finding Swing Bands in San Francisco

Are you planning a party? Do you and your friends love the magic that is swing dance? Then finding a great swing band in San Francisco should be your top priority. Where do you go when you want the best swing musicians San Francisco has to offer? Here are some resources for you two check out that will help you find a talented bad in no time:

  • Swing Fever - Swing Fever is one of San Francisco's most popular swing bands. On the scene since 1978, they've been taking parties, weddings and any other kind of event to the next level for over 30 years. A seasoned band that brings with them an amazing sound, they cover the music of some of swing's best and brightest:
    • Duke Ellington
    • Count Basie
    • Ella Fitzgerald
    • Benny Goodman
    • Nat King Cole
    • Louis Armstrong
  • GIGSALAD - This website offers a list of bands you can hire for events, including swing bands. Each band has a rating so you can see what others think of them, and you can get a quote for their services based on the criteria you check off from a helpful list.
  • Yelp - User driven, you'll find ratings and reviews of San Francisco's crop of swing bands which will help you narrow down the field. You can also look at a map of band home bases to see who is closest to you.
  • Gigmasters - This website is dedicated to bringing musicians together with the people who want to hear them play. If you're looking for a series of swing bands in San Francisco, you will find a handful on this website from which to choose.

Tips for Working With a Band

If you're looking for a band, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want to make sure that you're getting a group of skilled musicians, and you also want to protect yourself from any liability that might occur at the event. Check out these tips for making sure your experience is a good one:

Image of a couple swing dancing

Bring swing to your event.

  1. Ask for a demo: Even if you get a referral for a band from a friend, ask for a demo CD to make sure the band plays the kind of music you're looking for, and also to make sure they're of the caliber you're expecting. Many a person has booked a shoddy band because they didn't ask for a sample first.
  2. Ask for references: Be sure to ask what parties the band has played before, and for references from past clients. Bands can be great, and bands can be rowdy - save yourself a headache by asking around to see what sort of environment a group creates once they take the stage.
  3. Ask for a contract: This may seem like overkill if it's just a small event, but a contract can save your shirt when it comes to injury and monetary claims. Be sure that the contract says exactly what is expected, exactly how much the band will cost and when the band will be paid.
  4. Confirm equipment needs: Make sure you talk to the musicians ahead of time about what equipment they expect to be waiting for them at the venue. This includes speakers, cabling, instruments, amps, etc. It can be a nasty surprise if they show up with no microphones, or you show up with no speakers!