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Top Seven Kid Friendly Attractions

Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions

The Bay Area is full of great things to do, and if you've got children, then check out these top seven kid friendly attractions. With little ones in tow, there are tons of things to check out - whether you're looking for educational activities, outdoor activities or just something to pass a rainy afternoon, these attractions are sure to impress your brood!

1 - Jelly Belly Factory

One of the most popular top seven kid friendly attractions is the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield. Can you think of a more fun way to pass a day than for kids to see how candy is made? Come check out the production line and shop the gift store for "Belly Flops," which are hilarious Jelly Belly mistakes sold for a discounted rate.

2 - Go Camping

Camping is a fabulous way to get your kids outside and exercising. They'll learn how to stay active, and also begin to appreciate our gorgeous coastal landscape. Try taking them to parks such as Memorial Park in La Honda, or Big Sur a little further down the coast.

3 - Bay Area Zoos

The Bay Area has two zoos, one in San Francisco and one in Oakland. Both are great attractions for kids, where they will get up close and personal with some of the world's most exotic animals. Let them see touch a tarantula or watch as they feed the big cats - all activities that are sure to impress!

4 - Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is a very special museum that lets kids experience science hands-on. By guiding them through countless interactive experiments, the Exploratorium is a fabulous place for children to get knee-deep into the science world by biology, psychology, physiology and astronomy in ways they never have before.

5 - Go Hiking

If you're not interested in an overnight trip, try taking your kids hiking in one of the Bay Area's gorgeous parks. With Tilden Park in the East Bay, Huddart Park on the Peninsula, Alum Rock in the South Bay and Muir Woods in Marin, there are literally thousands of miles of trails just waiting to be explored.

6 - Pebble Peach

Pebble Beach, which is located on the coast about halfway between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, is a great place for kids to see a different kind of beach environment. Filled with millions of colorful pebbles, Pebble Beach is full of ocean life in tide pools and rocky caves. A very cool afternoon trek for sure!

7 - Observatories

The Bay Area has many observatories where kids can learn about outer space. Let them see the moon and stars like they never have before, or join an educational group where they can learn about the universe as a whole. Chabot Observatory in Oakland and the Lick Observatory in San Jose both offer night programs where kids can get up close and personal to the cosmos.

With these top seven kid friendly attractions, your family might never get bored again!

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Top Seven Kid Friendly Attractions